Bar Fridges 2 Door

Things to consider when buying a bar fridge.

To get the best performance out of your equipment, there are a few aspects to consider. The most important for bar fridges is the environment, if you are located in a warmer climate you will need a tropical rated bar fridge to ensure optimal cooling for up to the mid-forties in temperature.

Do you have a well ventilated position out of direct sunlight for the fridge? Both of these issues can cause problems with keeping cool.

How much use will it get? For medium to low use the ‘GL’ series is best.

Entry way – does the bar fridge you are buying fit through the entry doors of your venue? Better to be safe than sorry, and measure everything carefully.

Polar G-Series bar display refrigeration is designed for everyday professional use in demanding environments. With hard-wearing components and strong commercial construction, choose G-Series if you expect to be accessing the unit frequently.